Council Rents

ALACHO carries out a survey of council rent rises every year in March.  Councils are asked to report the figures that they have used in consultation with tenants and in presenting the rent rise for approval to elected members.  How the calculation is done is up to the Council and may vary between Councils.  This measure simply reflects the way each council reports its rent rise locally.


As a result, the figures presented here may differ from other figures for average rents and rent rises that are published each year including through the Annual Return on the Charter, by the Scottish Housing Regulator, and the Scottish Government’s digest of HRA financial statistics.


Where the figure for the previous year's rent is shown in red this reflects the fact that the Council has recalculated its average to reflect changes in stock during the year.




2022-23 Council Rents
2022-23 Mainstream Rents.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [87.3 KB]
2022-23 Council Rents
Revised on 20.05.22 to include Argyll Community Housing Association figures
Gypsy-Traveler pitch rents 2022-23 v2.pd[...]
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2021-22 Council Rents
2021-22 rent rises.pdf
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2021-21 Council Rents
Rent Levels 2020-2021 survey as circualt[...]
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2019-20 Council Rents
Rent Levels 2019-2020 survey.pdf
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2017-18 Council Rents
rises and average rents from 1 april 201[...]
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2016-17 Council Rents
Rent Levels 2016-17.pdf
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